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07-30-2018 The team (Dr. Bressma and All staff members - dental assistants and receptionists), at Glenbrook Oral Surgery & Dental Implants render service that is the epitome of what Should occur in the health care field for All patients: they are professional and efficient; are abreast of the "content area" of the field-- i.e. the dentistry-- and, most importantly, are some of the kindest people I know: (I think one would find My experience applies to All their clients): not judgmental of their patients; compassionate; talk to their patients as they would good acquaintances without being overly-intrusive or violating any HIPAA laws, etc. They really take their time to make the patient feel at ease. This applies to All their staff members-- the dr., dental assistants and the receptionists as well. (Rebecca, Laurie, Michelle, Michelle, Nancy, Adam-- forgive me for whomever I am missing!) Dr. Bressman's credentials are impeccable, and he has done More than "his share" in giving back to the community via work with The Alpha Omega-Henry Schein Cares Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program and other such work. He is direct in answering concerns and clearly presents all options to the patient. I am 37 years old and have seen far more than "my share" of health care professionals, and Dr. Bressman and his staff provide the kind of service that would be given by all health-offices-- in an Ideal world. ~ joy b. - Joy B

- Joy B

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